Time to Subscribe for 2019


Residents are often confused about health insurance benefits, especially when it involves emergency ambulance transport to a hospital. Many assume that their health insurance will pay for ambulance fees, but the fact is, most insurance plans do not cover 100% of the cost. In addition, no insurance company covers costs of service for emergency treatment without transport to the Emergency Department. The fee for this emergency treatment becomes the responsibility of the individual. This service also is considered by Medicare to be a non-covered service. Lift assists are also considered to be a non-covered service. The costs of these services are covered by your subscription to Tri-Community South.

Ambulance service is not free, and no tax dollars are used to operate your Emergency Medical Service. You can support your EMS service, and avoid these costs, by an annual subscription to Tri-Community South EMS. For a fee of $60.00 per year, you are protected from incurring unnecessary bills for emergency ambulance service. Your subscription helps generate the revenue needed to operate the service.

A resident’s subscription helps us at Tri-Community South EMS to maintain our position as one of the foremost EMS systems in Pennsylvania, because the subscription program provides the revenue needed to continue operating the EMS system without resorting to the use of municipal taxes.

A subscription will cover all fees not covered by your health insurance provider, and will cover 50% of any co-pays or deductibles not covered by your policy, all for $60.00 per year.

The subscription program benefits both the EMS system and the subscriber. One might think that residents would need little convincing to join, but this is not the case. In 2018 fewer than 25% of the households in the area subscribed to Tri-Community South EMS. At the same time, Tri-Community South EMS responded to over 7,100 EMS calls, an average of over 500 emergency calls per month.

The 2019 Tri-Community South EMS Subscription brochure was mailed to all residences in the area during the last week of October of 2018.. If you have not received a subscription brochure, call the TCS office at 412-831-3710 ext. 103, and consider becoming a subscriber to, and supporter of, your EMS service.

You can subscribe on line here , or contact the EMS office at 412-831-3710. You can visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tcsems820/ . If you are a member of a group or organization, and would like to have a TCS EMS speaker address your group about the subscription program, or any other services we provide, please contact us.

Thank You.