Tri Community South EMS Subscriptions and Billings

Residential Subscription

Residents of the communities of Bethel Park, South Park and Upper St. Clair are eligible to participate. As a subscriber to Tri-Community South EMS, you are protected from any unnecessary fees or charges in the event that you need emergency medical service. Subscribers are responsible for 50% of co-pays and or deductibles.

  • Your subscription to Tri-Community South EMS shows that you support your Emergency Medical Service, which receives no tax subsidies from the municipalities or townships. Without the support of our residents through subscriptions and donations, we would not be able to provide this valuable service.
  • Even if your insurance company says that you have coverage for ambulance service, most insurance companies do not reimburse 100% for ambulance transports. Non-subscribers are responsible for the remaining balance of the bill and 100% of the co-pays.
  • Treatment and non-transports as well as lift assists are not covered by insurance companies.

Your subscription with Tri-Community South EMS not only provides you with ambulance coverage in the Municipality of Bethel Park and the Townships of South Park and Upper St. Clair, but also in the communities of Mt. Lebanon, Dormont, Castle Shannon, Baldwin Borough, Baldwin Township, Whitehall, Green Tree, Brentwood, Scott Township, Peters Township and Jefferson Hills.

Household Subscription Plan

Subscriptions are mailed to all households and businesses in October of each year.
Residents can also print the form and mail to:

Tri-Community South, EMS
5490 Progress Blvd.
Bethel Park, PA. 15102.

A household subscription of $60.00 per year provides unlimited household emergency medical coverage. Any family member living at the listed address and non-resident guests or visitors are also covered.

Medical Insurance information must be provided. Subscriptions are valid for the calendar year, January 1st through December 31st, or from the date your subscription is received, whichever occurs later. Please notify our office of any change in your address.

Subscription Plan Coverage and Advantages

  • Unlimited emergency transports to local and specialty hospitals or hospitals where the subscribers insurance plan designates.
  • Bill insurance company for emergency medical transports
  • Subscriber responsible for only 50% of co-pay or deductibles rather than normal 100%
  • Subscription covers 50% of fees for emergency treatments at scene or household with non transport to hospital.
    *fee for treatment and non transports are $200.00 or $250.00-this fee is 50% covered as a subscriber
  • Subscribers are covered with all surrounding mutual aid ambulance services at no additional costs or fees

Non-Covered Services Under Subscription Plan

  • Ambulance transports to and from Physician Office Facilities
  • Ambulance transports to and from Physician Offices
  • Unauthorized non-emergency transports by Insurance Provider
  • Uninsured non-emergency transports
  • Medicaid recipients are not covered under subscription plan
  • Lift assists are not covered under subscription plan

Subscription Terms and Conditions

Subscription Terms and Conditions are available Subscription Terms and Conditions online (pdf) or by request by calling 412-831-3710 ext. 501.
Subscription program is not an insurance policy. Tri-Community South, EMS agrees to keep all medical/insurance information strictly confidential and abides by all confidentiality laws (HIPPA) protecting the patient's right to privacy. Privacy-Statement Privacy Statement online (pdf)