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Junior Paramedic Program

Tri-Community South EMS offers its Junior Paramedic program to area kindergarten students. The program gives these students an opportunity to see an ambulance and EMS equipment and hear from one of the system’s paramedics. The students will learn how to call for an ambulance in an emergency, and will learn about personal and family safety.

Tri-Community South first developed the Junior Paramedic program in 1980 as a way to teach primary school children about the then-new field of Emergency Medical Services. Over the years, the program was made more age-specific for the kindergarten level with the focus on allaying children’s fears about emergencies. The children get the opportunity to see and handle some of the common emergency equipment. Since children of kindergarten age often fear the unknown, the opportunity to “play with” emergency equipment eliminates much of the fear that children have about this equipment, and helps them to react more positively when an emergency happens to them or one of their friends or family members.

In addition to the class visit, the program includes family safety information and a coloring book for the student to take home.

Standby Event Medical Coverage

Tri-Community South EMS offers medical standby coverage to all school districts and any association or group in Bethel Park, South Park and Upper St. Clair who wishes to have this coverage for athletic or community events. Tri-Community South is the municipally owned and operated EMS provider for the three communities. However, not all associations in the community use Tri-Community South to provide standby medical service. Some choose to contract with one of several private, for-profit companies for these events. These companies have absolutely no affiliation with Tri-Community South EMS, and Tri-Community South cannot control nor be held responsible for the care they provide. Tri-Community South will send an ambulance to transport a patient from events covered by these companies when requested to do so, but it cannot be accountable for the care that the patient has received prior to the ambulance crew’s arrival at the patient.

Tri-Community South cannot respond to any comments regarding the medical care given by a provider other than a Tri-Community South EMS employee. Any such comments must be directed to the agency who provided the coverage, or to the association or group who contracted with the agency. Tri-Community South has not been asked to provide coverage by these organizations, and is not responsible for the medical care provided at their events.

Standby Fees

Family Advisory Network

The Pennsylvania EMS for Children project is working to create a Family Advisory Network (FAN.) Families that have children who utilize EMS care or have special needs children are encouraged to become a part of a large, statewide network that will help to guide policy development. Through this program they will work to meet the needs of our pediatric patients and their families in Pennsylvania.


TCS Honor Guard

The attacks of September 11, 2001 brought about many changes to public safety workers across the country.

Police and fire departments were deservedly honored for their contributions to their communities, but EMS went unnoticed.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recognized this oversight and began its campaign to educate the public on the numerous contributions of the EMS providers.

In an effort to become more visible to its residents and to honor fallen EMS providers, Tri-Community South EMS established the TCS EMS Honor Guard. Class A uniforms were purchased, and paramilitary training in marching drills and flag bearing procedures were provided.

The TCS EMS Honor Guard debuted at the Grand Opening of Tri-Community South EMS' new base facility in Bethel Park in September of 2005.

Since that time, the TCS EMS Honor Guard has been requested at numerous flag raising ceremonies, parades, EMS funerals and state functions.

The Honor Guard has also served at the National EMS Memorial Service in Roanoke, Virginia and The Blue Mass which celebrates the work of police, fire and EMS here in Pittsburgh.

The TCS EMS Honor Guard has also made its presence felt in its three communities by presenting the Colors during the National Anthem prior to the high school football games in Bethel Park, South Park and Upper St. Clair.

The TCS EMS Honor Guard frequently combines with members of other honor guards from the City of Pittsburgh EMS, Medical Rescue Team South Authority, Ross West View EMS and Baldwin EMS. The TCS EMS Honor Guard is a team of all volunteers who receive no monetary compensation for its service, but who take immense pride as a visible sign of American patriotism at its best.

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